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Why Artificial Intelligence Might Be Part of Your Law Curriculum In the Near Future

The evolution of the internet and technology at such a rapid pace has been of great benefit to humanity. With technology evolving as it has, it has been a tad bit hard to keep up for most folk. The tech-savvy, however, have been brilliant with the way they have eased us all into the whole process. Today, most technologies come with a dash of security measures in place to keep us protected from the unknown.

The Magic

Now you see me, now you don’t. Most of us can associate this phrase with magic. 100 years ago, there were no TV sets, thus, the concept of confining video and audio to a tiny box and projecting it all over the world was unheard of. If such a technology were introduced, most people would have rushed to the seers with an in-depth narrative of what had just transpired.

If teleportation existed and we could go back as recently as 15 years ago, iPhones in hand, we would have been labeled queer. Then again, we are pretty sure we would have mumbled things like “We come in peace” as throngs surrounded us in fascination with our devices.

The way AI has entered into our everyday life is quite scary yet useful

Such momentous feats are now part of our history. However, we can’t help but feel pity for the human condition and how we are all wired. When something happens that dumbfounds our previously acceptable beliefs, cognitive dissonance tends to occur. It is normal. Yet, the emergence of artificial intelligence could be the biggest major event going forward.


Where would we be today without scientists? We would be lost in the maze. Artificial intelligence (AI) is also referred to as machine intelligence (MI). It is different to the kind of knowledge and learning process humans possess that is known as natural intelligence (NI).

Natural intelligence is tethered by the limits of biology. We can only know so much at a time. Machines, however, seem to have brains on steroids. They can learn about much and disseminate so much information at a go. With recent developments in the enhancement of AI, new phenomenon like machine learning and deep learning have come up.

The Difference

AI involves machines performing tasks akin to human intelligence. This involves doing things like problem-solving, comprehending language, planning and recognizing objects and sounds.

Machine learning, on the other hand, refers to the training of algorithms to develop past AI. This is done by feeding large data to the algorithm and letting it create patterns which it can use to adjust and improve itself. Deep learning is just like machine learning, only that there are way more complex scenarios at hand like clusters, Bayesian networks, inductive logic programming and decision tree learning.

Criminal Minds

The introduction of AI into our lives through apps like Siri and Cortana has been of great help to us

The ability to interact with computers and share our life experiences is really a breath of fresh air. The problem, however, lies in humanity itself. For every White Hat researcher, there is a pragmatic Black Hat criminal. The Black Hats can gain login credentials, code software to mimic human behavior and sounds to the point where it becomes indistinguishable to human sounds.

Even the most sadistic humans are known to have human traits like empathy and trust. Therefore, if a call came through mimicking the sound of someone we know, like a mother in distress, the first reaction would probably be to do all we can to help. Helping them may entail the exchange of our residential addresses, monetary transactions and other acts of blind faith. Once Black Hats get this, they can use such information to rob us blind and even impersonate us in societal settings. It could make for a nasty experience.

That Next Step

The new age has long been heralded to bring with it a new set of challenges. Nothing could have prepared us for what artificial intelligence may bring. There are those who even believe it could be the next phase of human evolution, the integration of man and machine.

At present, law enforcement agencies are not well equipped to counter the very real threat AI could pose for us in the future. However, much more can be done. As we interact with technologies, we have opened up ourselves to manipulation. There are a lot of fake news and bots that control how we think today. As a result, recent happenings lie Brexit where bots were deployed on social media networks ring true.

It is upon the law society to formulate laws that would not only guide how we interact with machines in the days to come. Additionally, it could prove a masterstroke if we could incorporate artificial intelligence studies in law schools so that there is a comprehension of what to expect. Thus, it is paramount for us to act now.

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